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Northern Pike

Our fly-in lodge is located on the shores of Shadd Lake, which is just a stone's throw from the Churchill River and in the heart of Saskatchewan's vast northern wilderness. Shadd Lake is very remote. Access to our area is only possible by floatplane.

Trophy Northern Pike (Land of the Gators), Trout & Walleye:

Both Shadd Lake and the Churchill River are stuffed with gigantic Northern Pike and tasty Walleyes. Northern Pike are easy to catch and can reach great sizes with some guests catching multiple Northern Pike over 20 pounds each year. Once in a while world-class monsters well over 30 pounds get caught. Walleyes can get big but the attraction to our region is the vast numbers of Walleyes and the non-stop action. We have a very high repeat booking rate because of the great Walleye fishing. We also have four backcountry Lake Trout Lakes with the Lake Trout averaging between 4 and 5 pounds along with good numbers. Lake Trout caught in our cool clean spring-fed lakes taste awesome. Our aboriginal Cree fishing guides are the best in Canada and will take you to all the hotspots and even prepare a delicious wilderness shore-lunch of fresh Walleye and all the fix'ins.

2010 - Group from Denmark tell their story

Log Cabins & Lodge:

Our Lakeside cabins are warm and inviting and equipped for light housekeeping even though 70% of our guests choose the American Plan Option. They are tastefully decorated in a northern motif with comfortable furniture and beds. Our main lodge is the focus of the camp. It contains the dinning room and a relaxing lounge area where you can relax with a drink and talk about the day's fishing, play card or have a business meeting. The American Plan option includes wonderfully prepared home cooked meals and breakfasts.

Black Bear & Moose Hunting:

Outside of the main fishing season, we offer Black Bear Hunting and Moose hunting. Black Bears are available in good numbers with some of the largest Black Bears in Saskatchewan being harvested by our hunting guests. Our area also has a very healthy Moose population. Both Bulls and Cows this far north can reach very impressive sizes. Taking advantage of our guide's knowledge of the region and hunting skills increases our guest's success rate considerably.

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Ray & Nancy McKay