Saskatchewan Moose Hunting

Bull Moose

The Moose is the largest member of the deer family and is found right across Northern Canada. The Moose family tree in North America is broken up into three subspecies; the Alaskan, Eastern and the Western Moose. Northern Saskatchewan is where all three ranges of these subspecies overlap. The Alaskan Moose is the largest and can reach 2000 pounds. The Eastern Moose is the smallest and rarely exceeds 1200 pounds. In northern Saskatchewan it common to see Western Moose and hybrids so Moose tend to average around 1300 pounds with bigger Moose over 1500 pounds available.

Moose is the most popular game to hunt in Canada by Canadians. Moose meat is lean and tastes like high quality beef and is cherished as a delicacy and also as a staple that is needed to help some northern families through the winter when work is not available. The Moose is a big and important part of life in Canada.

There are three main areas that our guides take hunters to for maximum results:

Game Trails:
Moose are always on the move and over many thousands of years have dug out trails through the bush, which are used by generation after generation of Moose. Staking out a trail with a ground blind or tree stand is one way to maximize your success.

Moose can live on pine needles and bark but prefer grasses and aquatic plants such a lily pads and skunk cabbage. It is very common to see Moose along the shore and our guides know where the best spots are because they see the Moose over and over again during the summer while fishing. Moose

Burn Areas:
Burn areas seam like a tragic loss of forest and habitat but forest fires are essential to the health of the forest and animals. Forest fires burn old bush and trees and open up areas where new grasses and berry bushes can grow. Moose are attracted to these areas for food and to escape pestering insects that are in the deep bush.

Our guests experience an excellent success rate. Our Moose hunting package is a guided 7-day full-service American Plan hunt. Moose hunters are also welcome to do as much fishing as they want. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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