What to Bring for Fishing Vacations:


• Food and snacks for light housekeeping
• Passport or U.S. Passport Card
• Clothing for any temperature (hot or cold)
• First Aid kit
• Gloves for early spring or late fall
• Rain gear & waterproof footwear
• Fishing gear and tackle
• Weigh Scale and fillet knife
• Beer, spirits and mix
• Toiletries
• Personal medications
• Sunscreen and lip balm (15 SPF or better)
• Flashlight (Waterproof is best)
• Sunglasses & hat
• Camera and film (please send copies of big fish to us for our photo galleries)
• Bug repellent (10% DEET or better)
• GPS or compass can come in handy
• Lighter or matches

Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations (18.3 megs - .pdf)