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Shadd Lake's Floatplane Air Service:

Our guests are flown to the lodge by Osprey Wings Air Service.

Osprey Wings has around ten floatplanes. The size of the group being flown in will be the deciding factor on which plane will be used.

Osprey Wings will fly our guests to and from La Ronge, SK. The cost of flying is the main factor that dictates our rates because of fuel consumption per guest.

· A group of two to three people will get flown in with a Cessna 180 or 185.
· A group of four will be flown in with a de Havilland Beaver.
· A group of five to seven people get flown in with a de Havilland Turbo Otter.
· A group of eight to ten people will be flown in on a de Havilland Twin Otter, which is shown in the picture below.