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Professional Cree Fishing Guides

Our Cree fishing guides have spent their entire lives on the Churchill River and know every rock, shoal and rapids as well as where all the hotspots are for Walleye and Northern Pike. They have complete knowledge of backcountry lakes that have great Lake Trout Fishing. Our guides are safe and have expert wilderness survival skills. They are trained in First Aid, pleasant to be with and very professional. They are always at your service while you catch fish.

The men listed below might just be the best fishermen you will ever meet. They will show you time-tested techniques that will maximize your catch and put you in the best position to catch a trophy. By the second or third afternoon your favorite part of the day will be lunch. Our guides cook up a storm of fresh Walleye and all the fix'ins. They pick beautiful locations along the river where you can relax, stretch your legs, have a drink and dig into the tastiest Walleye shore-lunch imaginable.

Below are the names of our guides and their years of service for Shadd Lake Cabins

1) James 'Magic' Ratt - has guided for approximately 25 years and has been with Shadd for 20 years.
2) James Sanderson - has guided 20 years and all at Shadd.
3) Michael Tremblay - has guided 25 years and all at Shadd.
4) Eddie Tremblay- has guided approx . 20 years at Shadd.
5) Trevor McCallum - 15 years at Shadd
6) Clyde Cook, Sam Roberts, and Walter Ratt along with a few other guides are used when required and have been with us approx. 5 years.