Northern Saskatchewan Backcountry Trophy Lake Trout Lakes

Lake Trout From our base-camp on Shadd Lake, our professional guides will take you through a labyrinth of islands, waterways and lakes that are all stuffed with Walleye and make up the Churchill River Water System. Shadd Lake flows into the Churchill River and the opening is just a couple minutes from the lodge. The Churchill River is not what people think of when thinking of a traditional river. The Churchill River is made up of many different lakes, which are all connected by the same water-flow. There are rapids, wide-open lakes, sand bars, weedy plateaus, countless bays and rocky points, hundreds of islands and shoals as well as other structure. All these lakes are constantly being refreshed with new water and an abundance of food. This keeps the population of baitfish high and has allowed the Walleyes to proliferate in vast number and get big.

Our remote location, which is only accessible by floatplane, has resulted in next-to-no fishing pressure. Our belief in proper catch-&-release conservation has resulted in a Walleye fishery that is the best in Canada. There are very few places where you can catch Walleyes as easily as the Churchill River.

How many Walleye you can catch in a day depends on how hard you fish and how long you relax after your hearty shore-lunch of crispy fresh Walleye. It is feasible to catch 100 Walleyes in a day and many of our guests have claimed that they have. You can also sacrifice numbers and fish a little deeper for those big trophy Walleyes. On really hot days the Walleye fishing may slow down a little in mid-afternoon. This is the best time to go for Northern Pike or Lake Trout.

Walleyes are very common in the 2 to 4-pound range. Walleyes in the 5 to 7-pound range do get caught almost every week by guests but they are not as common. Some of the lakes in the Churchill River system are large enough to produce monster trophy Walleyes. These big Walleyes actively migrate from lake-to-lake all summer long so you have a good chance catching them in the shallow weed beds and off rocky points. There have been guests that have pulled in Walleyes in the 8 to 12-pound range. The largest Walleye that we have heard of in the last few years was an unbelievable 15 pounds. We do not want you to think you are going to catch a 15 pounder but it is possible. Most of our guests are fortunate if they catch w Walleye over 6 pounds. Non-stop Walleye action and the breathtaking beauty of our wilderness location is the main attraction of our lodge, not trophy hunting.