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Backcountry Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout, which is actual a species of char, is a fish that is so much fun to catch and they taste great. They have a very mild taste and are just outstanding when baked with stuffing or pan-fried in butter with a little sprinkle of salt. The Cree name for Lake Trout is Namekus. Voyageurs called them Touladi. The Ojibwa people call them Namaycush. In the past the Lake Trout was very important to the survival of the aboriginal people and explorers of Northern Canada and to this day the Lake Trout is sought after by the Cree and considered more of a delicacy than Walleye, which are much more common. No matter how you spell them, they are and awesome fish to catch and eat.

Lake Trout need cold water to survive. They have a reputation for going really deep to find cold water in the summer but they stay fairly shallow all year in cold northern spring-fed lakes. There may be Lake Trout in the deepest parts of the Churchill River where the river opens up into a large lake but in this scenario the Lake Trout are right on bottom and waiting out the summer because river lakes have too much water flow thus have no thermocline.
We do have four spring-fed backcountry lakes just off the river where you can experience good Lake Trout Fishing. We keep boats and motors on these lakes and they are easy to get to with the help of our guides.

Lake Trout also have a reputation for getting big. The new world record Lake Trout is 78.85 pounds. Our little backcountry lakes do not produce monsters like that. What they do produce is non-stop action of smaller good-eating size lake Trout. The trout are most common in the 4 or 5-pound range. You will catch smaller ones, which are great pan-fryers for lunch and there will be a couple that are bigger than five pounds. It's rare to catch a Lake Trout over 9 pounds in our lakes but they are there and there are going to be a few trout in the lakes that are even bigger. You do not need to use any special equipment. A Walleye stick, 6 or 8-pound test line and some weights is all you need. Please check out our lake Trout Fishing Tips page.

How many Lake Trout you will catch in a day cannot be predicted. Lake trout are very sensitive to atmospheric pressure and changes in the weather. If it's calm and sunny with high pressure, the trout should be hitting well and in this case guests have caught 5 to 15 nice trout in a day. Lake Trout can also stop and start all day or just go completely dead, even when conditions seem right. If you don't catch anything in the first hour, take off and fish for Walleye and hit the trout lake another day. Generally there are no medium days. Trout are either biting or they are not.

Lake Trout hit best on calm sunny days. Just tell us you want to go for Lake Trout and we will arrange the guides to take you into the trout lakes in the morning. You can fish for trout all day or just fish for trout until lunch and then hunt down Pike and Walleyes all the way back to the lodge. There is always something to catch at Shadd Lake Cabins. Many guests do not consider their trip to Northern Saskatchewan complete if they don't get out Lake Trout fishing.